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not have the courage. In the darkness the Blood
bumped Into him, and I heard a grunt and a big
scuffle. The big Blood soon had my brother
helpless, and I saw him taking him back to camp,
holding his hands behind him. I watched them
closely, and I saw the Blood take my brother into
a teepee in the centre of the camp. It looked like
the chiefs lodge,

CI did not know what to do. But I knew that
I must save my brother. I took off my clothes
and put my blanket around my body, with my
gun concealed beneath it. And I hid my face
under the blanket and crept up toward that teepee.
I saw a man at the door leaning against something.
I was very scared, but I thought that I would have
to die sometime—and I was wondering what was
happening to my brother. So I had to do some-

(I got so close to the fellow that I could touch
his face. He jumped when he saw me; and I
asked him what he had done with my brother.
He took hold of me and led me to his own camp.
I had lost all fear by now. I knew I had to die;
so I threw my gun away.

'This fellow took me to a teepee with a fire
inside of it and pushed me through the door, and
came in after me. When he got inside he said
something to his wife, and she took some meat and
began to cook on the coals. I had had nothing